The Story

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Emily and Brandon’s story began in college with the help of Maid of Honor Leanne and Groomsman Keenan. Both friends of the two set them up as dates for a Nebraska Wesleyan Greek formal. One date and a pair of handsome leather man gloves later, Emily knew Brandon was husband material. The two began dating in December of 2014.

The couples road to engagement may seem short, but Emily knew she was going to marry Brandon from the beginning. After one year, Emily began (not so subtly) dropping hints and waited for Brandon to pop the question.

Three and a half years after meeting Emily, Brandon was ready. With the help of Emily’s roommates, Leanne and Bailey, Brandon began planning the engagement. On June 25, 2017 Brandon and Emily were at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha when he got down on one knee. Little did Emily know, a photographer had been following them waiting to capture the moment. The two headed to Emily’s apartment complex where a celebration with friends and family was waiting!

The couple can’t wait to have you help them continue their love story on June 16th, 2018!

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